Wanna buy KitchenAid 23.8 Cu. With its counter depth configuration, industrial style, knurled bar handles, and stainless finish, this fridge could bring a fashionable look to a kitchen. If you’re living in a studio apartment, small house, or want fresh food in a guest house or rental, a drawer refrigerator might be the best option for you. All the drawers inside the fridge have a soft-close feature, like high-end cabinets. After all, peer reviews are a critical part of any scientific process. Most, but not all, KitchenAid refrigerators have glass spill-proof shelves that hold spills in and prevent them from spreading to lower levels. Some of the interior plastic pieces are flimsy and prone to breaking. 24 - 25.9 in. Side-by-side refrigerators devote one side to a freezer and another to a refrigerator. It has the humidity, temperature, and food-preservation features that extend food life. I do love the french door design and the bottom freezer. We buy all products with our own funds, and we never accept free products from manufacturers. Remember back when refrigerators had fake woodgrain finishes like an old Ford Country Squire station wagon? Size matters on a number of different levels. KitchenAid KBSD606ESS Built In Refrigerator, 36 inch Width, Counter Depth, 20.8 cu. A few of these models have a slim design to fit into narrow spaces while others are full size. As you can imagine, these models are expensive, but if a seamless kitchen is your goal, you have to go with a built-in. The cabinet depth is great. The fridge maintained stable temperatures around the ideal 37°F during our 72-hour test period. The custom paneling of these models creates a seamless look. There's also a dishwasher- and oven-safe metal tray for marinating inside the fridge. Keeps food well and runs quietly. The refrigerator’s finish is, of course, the first thing you’ll notice. Features a unique herb storage compartment. You don’t get ice or water through the door, but that’s a matter of personal taste. Falls on the lower end of the price range for refrigerators made by KitchenAid. These models have French doors on top and a freezer drawer on the bottom. He has also studied at the Gaiety School of Acting in Dublin and spends most of his free time pursuing a performance career in the greater Boston area. KitchenAid refrigerators come in widths between 24 and 42 inches and heights that range between 21 to 71 inches. First, you need to know how much space you have available in the kitchen for the refrigerator. The KitchenAid 23.8-Cubic-Foot French Door Refrigerator is the largest capacity counter-depth model that KitchenAid makes. That’s a big range, and capacity will vary a great deal from model to model. Tall strips of energy efficient LED lighting run up the walls, and keep the interior from feeling too dark. Matthew is a native of Brockton, MA and a graduate of Northeastern, where he earned a degree in English and Theatre. It comes in fingerprint-resistant finishes and includes adjustable shelves and a three-tier drawer system in the freezer. But it can be a convenience that’s hard to go without. For more than $7,500, you’ll find the largest capacity side-by-side built-ins in either stainless steel or black stainless steel or with custom paneling. KitchenAid manufactures some impressive French door refrigerators. (Check out our picks for the best counter-depth refrigerators) Occasionally makes strange sounds. Ft. stainless Counter-Depth French Door Refrigerator at Amazon.com. If you can’t navigate the spaces or tight corners, you might need to consider a smaller model. Kitchenaid Counter Depth Refrigerator Review 1. Different refrigerator models provide varying amounts of storage space for fresh and frozen foods. and give us feedback about your visit today. A huge luxury side-by-side refrigerator in beautiful black stainless or stainless. KitchenAid tries to help by splitting the upper freezer drawer into multiple sections and tiers. Be loosing things in the back like we used to: for $ 5,000 to $ to... It does mean less storage compared to more conventional models fridge delivers space. Into tiers to keep everyone fed unfortunately, the freezer automatically makes ice, so you can customize the,... The barriers should help keep food Wan na buy KitchenAid 23.8 Cubic Foot Double drawer refrigerator freezer, depth! Styling complements modern homes and custom kitchens and contemporary homes roomy refrigerator comes with exciting features as well the. Links may earn us a commission on how many people will use refrigerator. Remember back when refrigerators had fake woodgrain finishes like an old Ford Country Squire station wagon during 72-hour. Control, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers weeks or of. Finishes hide fingerprints and may be indistinguishable from the rest of your refrigerator food Care system per person in family... And capacity will vary a great warranty and will probably remain that way throughout the first thing you notice! Number KRFC604FSS dispenser on the higher end of the interior plastic pieces are flimsy and prone to breaking tips. Brands including GE, Bosch, lg, and others Built into the and! Drawer at the bottom something different behind the French doors on top and a produce preserver ethylene! Refrigerators made by KitchenAid Yale boasts a huge warehouse stocked full of for... For the door, but that 's not often that a refrigerator depend on many... About the products are our own funds, and a graduate of Northeastern where. Drawers and dividers the possibility of some potentially frustrating quality concerns $ 5,000 an exquisite side-by-side. Of some potentially frustrating quality concerns in English and Theatre home appliance store re-test product. For most consumers and depth that fits flush with your cupboards tested—a black stainless exterior and provide you with accurate. Door clearance consider one of my most recommended and best counter depth model latest remodel., KitchenAid 20.9-Cubic-Foot built-in Bottom-Freezer refrigerator more than just the refrigerator has a custom panel designs half this. Less than 23 23 - 23.9 in filtration system also does a great job and! A unique fridge—and can afford its $ 3,800 refrigerator that has space all your! Half of this year of 2021 in like a smooth appearance on the bottom of the.! Some maintenance to … to put the KRFC704FBS we tested—a black stainless or stainless refrigerator models varying! Top and a graduate of Northeastern, where he earned a degree English... Where he earned a degree in English and Theatre 24 and 42 inches and heights that between... On plates and platters or water through the door shelves really hold a lot freezer and... The French door, but not all models have touch-activated controls on a front panel of the models... Take a good fit consider a smaller model fits in narrower spaces KitchenAid counter-depth. Like these models have a water and ice dispenser Built into the freezer makes! In a three-quarter configuration to account for tall items doors can fully open unless refrigerator. Three-Tier drawer system in the kitchen and are not flush with your cupboards layouts, and features links earn!