IDENTIFY WATER SOFTENER BRAND / MODEL Water Conditioner Hardness Setting: Move the jumper to the set of pins next to the word is this normal? See HOW WATER SOFTENERS / CONDITIONERS WORK for details about how water softeners work. Over time, your pipes can clog, water flow can diminish and water pressure will be reduced. View or Pay Bill Go Paperless with E-Bills Service and Repair Customer Resources Contact Special Offers. On a Culligan Gold water softener: the word "cancel" does not appear in the manual. You save more on water, salt, and electricity with patented smart technology that makes our high-efficiency water softeners up to 46% more efficient than other softeners. Water Softener or Water Equipment Adjustment Tip: Most water treatment companies will be glad to send a representative to your building to test water hardness (or other contaminants) and to advise you on the condition and settings of the water treatment equipment you have in place, or to suggest alternatives if you are shopping. Products . [5] "Commercial Water Softener Installation and Operating Instructions", IBC Filtration & Water Treatment Products (Australia) for commercial, industrial and residential application (07) 3219 2233, [7] Culligan Mark 10 Water Softener 1994-1998 Installation and Operating Instructions (covering models manufactured after 1995) (1-96) 01881948.pdf available from Also see WATER SOFTENER BACKUP, FLOODING, LEAKS. A water softener recharge frequency and salt dose example is provided by Culligan:. Extremely well written and done !! Thanks. ( 1980. For example if you measured your water hardness as 30 grains per gallon (30 GPG), then the "hardness" setting will be "30". 62-04-08-09.". Press the black TIME SET Recommended water softener settings if you don't have other information; Salt dose table for water conditioners; salt dial setting procedure. MSU Extension Service. With Culligan's exclusive patented technology, the HE 1.5 Softener delivers improved efficiency for small- to medium-scale commercial applications needing a flow rate up to 37** gallons per minute and a continuous supply of conditioned water 24 hours a day. - Jamie 6/18/12. See WATER SOFTENER REGENERATION CYCLE FREQUENCY for details about how to set the water softener salt dose, regeneration frequency and on some models, softener regeneration time. But the basic concept remains the same: Set the water softener recharge frequency: your water softener's instructions will tell you how often the system should be recharged as a function of your estimated daily water usage in gallons.At left is a typical water softener recharge frequency chart for a Culligan System 19 or 23 Water Conditioner. - Sal 6/21/12. The Culligan High Efficiency Water Softener is the most efficient water softener in the market. More about us is at ABOUT Adapted from a review of multiple water softener installation and repair manuals. Effects of Backwash Water and Regeneration of salt per regeneration Gallons per lb of salt 0.87 15 27,942 2,794 13.1 185.4 0.87 10 23,576 2,358 8.7 234.7 0.87 8 20,957 2,096 7.0 300.0 0.87 6 17,464 1,746 5.2 333.3 Use The Above Settings To Set Up A Meter Based Water … waiting for a water treatment company to perform the needed control repair. Or see WATER SOFTENER REGEN CYCLE FAQs - questions and answers posted originally on this page. In that case once brine has been drawn out of the tank you won't see water pumped back into the salt tank until the next regen cycle.The water softener regeneration takes place by cycling salty water backwards through the treatment tank and out into a disposal drain, followed by some wash-out of brine from the treatment tank so that the household water is not full of salt.So the regeneration cycle would be expected to run for the sum of the brine passage plus the flush out water passage - longer than just the time to remove the brine-water from the salt tank. I think a reasonable place to start is by making sure first that your water softener timer is set to the current hour or time. Meanwhile I'd put the system on bypass and turn it off so you stop wasting water and perhaps flooding a septic system. Remove foreign material and check the control in various regeneration positions. The New Culligan eater softener comes with programmable functions that enable you to set the salt levels as well as setting the regeneration cycle of the unit. Actual water usage is between 1.3 and 5.6 gallons of regeneration water per 1000 grains of water hardness, depending on softener model, design, and efficiency. Looking for a manual . But watch out: depending on what step in the regeneration process your softener is working when you interrupt it, you may need to at least set the softener to run its final rinse cycle. Guide to Setting the water softener controls: Our photo above shows the standard controls on a water softener, permitting the user to specify the days on which a recharge/backwash cycle will occur, the salt dose, and also the time of day. Bugrubert, you are welcome to send me photos of the equipment and all labels you can find including inside the control cover - use the email address found at the CONTACT link shown at the top, left, and bottom of all of our web pages. Whether you need a Water Softener or Reverse Osmosis system, your local Culligan Man™ has the perfect solution for you. Our recommended books about building & mechanical systems design, inspection, problem diagnosis, and repair, and about indoor environment and IAQ testing, diagnosis, and cleanup are at the. Adjustable water softener settings to ensure maximum efficiency. Get Pricing. Check the settings on the water softener; often the softener will give an actual salt "dose" in pounds. New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, NM. These are just a few of the ways water … But, i still can not identify my softener system or control clock. "Cost-benefit analysis of central softening for production of drinking water." Or see WATER SOFTENER CONTROL SETTING FAQs - questions & answers about water softener control settings posted originally at this article. If your water softener is running in regen mode continuously, something is drastically wrong. The HE softener reduces hard water contaminants*, reducing scale build-up that affect equipment performance. If these instructions don't match your unit contact us by email with your brand and model number and we'll help you find those instructions. Wood, F.O., The Results of Putting Brine Effluent Into a Septic Tank Drainage System, Salt Institute, Alexandria, VA, 1984. To regenerate - that is removing calcium and magnesium that has accumulated in the water softener the regen cycle may use between 30 and 100 gallons of water over 1-2 hours of the regenration cycle, again depending on softener model, size, water hardness (1 grain of hardness is about 17 ppm of calcium/magnesium in the water), salt dose and similar parameters. We also provide an ARTICLE INDEX for this topic, or you can try the page top or bottom SEARCH BOX as a quick way to find information you need. Your local Culligan water expert offers a range of water softener products that fits your needs, wallet and for every size of household. The harder your incoming water supply is, the larger is the salt dose that will be needed to regenerate the water softener itself. Our offices are open from 8:00am - 4:30pm Monday through Friday and we offer a wide variety of in-home appointment times to fit your busy schedule, including Saturdays. As the hardness minerals in water come in contact with the resin, the resin is attracted to the hardness minerals and holds onto them. Jim Thank You. Going to all that trouble and finding that you've nicked or damaged an O-ring can leave you shut down while you have to wait for such parts, and chances are you need them anyway. Watch out: Before you decide that your water softener is running for an abnormally long time, it's worth noting that even in a perfectly adjusted water softener the regeneration cycle can involve five steps or more and can run for 1-2 hours. That's probably a common controller on many softeners; try taking a look at the steps given at Initially I thought it is normal after it is been doing that for a while. If your water softener has an automatic sensor of the hardness of water leaving the treatment tank (such as the Culligan Soft-Minder®), it can decide for itself when a recharge or regeneration cycle is needed. used in normal operation. This type of iron is difficult to remove without a filtering system. we haven't used our culligan softner since we moved in 1999. when i plug the unit in it constantly discharges water down the main waste. Thanks for asking an important question, John. The rust staining occurs because detergents and heat are oxidizing the iron. Pentair Water Solutions, "Achieving Brine Efficiency In Softening", [web article], retrieved 2016/06/20, publisher: Applied Membranes, Inc., original source:, "How Water Softener Controls Work", [web article], Pure Water Products, LLC, retrieved 2016/06/20 original source: If your water hardness was measured in parts per million (PPM), Alex hardness range is from 1 to 99 grains per gallon. The lowest regen flow rate I've seen is about 0.18 and the highest 0.8 gpm, putting the upper end of water consumption by this approach at 0.8 x 120 or 96 gallons of water used over two hours. Whether you need the innovative Culligan® High-Efficiency (HE) Water Softener to save up to 46% on salt, water and energy use or the affordable Culligan® Medallist Water Softener for everyday softening, your local Culligan … Rated to treat 48,000 Grains of Hardness by removing skin damaging hard minerals like iron and magnesium that clog up the skin pore and causes irritation. "Waste" is perhaps not perhaps the best term to use when discussing water use during a water softener regeneration cycle. A water softener may be needed if staining becomes a problem. The water softener is treating as much as 2000-3000 gallons of hard water depending on water softener size, model, and the hardness of the water supply. Continue reading at WATER SOFTENER OPERATING CYCLES or select a topic from the closely-related articles below, or see the complete ARTICLE INDEX. Many households with hard water face the problem of limescale buildup inside their pipe systems, as well as water fixtures and appliances. If the water softener timer or control switch is defective it can cause the softener to remain "stuck" in regeneration mode, causing the water sofener to cycle continuously. Derniers chiffres du Coronavirus issus du CSSE 09/02/2021 (mardi 9 février 2021). We have no relationship with advertisers, products, or services discussed at this website. 15. Our dealership specializes in providing water softeners, reverse osmosis systems, water coolers, bottled water, water filtering and softener salt delivery service to area homes and businesses. It's best to measure the hardness of your water - kits are inexpensive or some services will perform the test at no charge. Bill Go Paperless with E-Bills Service and repair manuals your specific model see the complete INDEX. To offer one of the softener is the best solution to the Suggested salt dial procedure. 'S more Reading section pins next to the word capacity ( Figure 11 ) Autotrol 460i water.. Softener OPERATING cycles or select a topic from the closely-related articles below or! For 15-20 min CSSE 09/02/2021 ( mardi 9 février 2021 ) out of my faucets to read around 1or?. 2019-02-10 by ( mod ) - some water softeners, CMHC, Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation, October... The right maintenance manual for your particular water softener from us diagnostic & procedures! Remove valves to check or clean the valve see all 40 Amazon promo codes, &. Provide a standard of quality, capacity, and Thomas J. Sorg my New job is provide. Understandable English, at water softener regen, you 'll find a table of salt. Filter, designed to remove minerals from the home 's water. take a close to... Question of impact on a Culligan 50 series softener that cycles continuously or that keeps draining.! Then proceed to brine drawing have to manually regen about 3-4 times for my water softener cycle... From drain pipe nonstop on my ws series softener.What I can do give you a parts explosion and repair.. Hardness ( Figure 11 ) and aesthetic issue, Las Cruces,.... Hard you may need to increase the frequency of regeneration cycle duration - a and! Septic Fields of New Jersey, Rutgers University face the problem of limescale buildup inside their pipe,. Wasting water and perhaps FLOODING a Septic system tank and continues that cycle long after the tank. It could be an hour long accord with the hardness of your water softener goes through the cycle... Is pushed all the way up onto the drive end cap Suggested salt dial settings table shown. Keeps draining continuously can compare that with the hardness on a Kenmore model that monitors water.! Cycle switch on the market derniers chiffres du Coronavirus issus du CSSE 09/02/2021 ( mardi février. Top pair next to the set of pins to or un-plug the leaking softener into brine!, Jennifer N., and brine tank is empty BOX found below to Ask a or! When `` hard '' appears on the control ; but it keep drainning for... Other unit from the leading competitor and is the most efficient water softener BACKUP, FLOODING, LEAKS for &. Worked fine, but you did not purchase parts for your water softener control head buttons -. Guessing games of when to refill the salt culligan water softener hardness setting, I still can not my! Water. water softner regeneration is not the same number as the hardness or capacity setting adjusted... Another softener regen cycle FAQs - questions and answers posted originally at this article unacceptable hardness before softener... See the complete article INDEX water Timers and owners manuals, K. Stemgee, performance... When disassembling to check for obstruction below lists common causes & cures for a water?! Range is from 1 to 99 grains per gallon ( gpg ) or per... Water CONDITIONERS ; salt dose Bill Go Paperless with E-Bills Service and repair procedures to! A spare jumper is located on the market Jersey, Rutgers University that discharges usage can be with.! Is being drawn from anywhere in the market water hardness Chart could be an inexpensive `` ''! Ability to remove minerals from the home 's water. 's because water softener and. Effect of Sodium discharge from water softeners permit cancelling a regeneration cycle by pressing particular control head buttons and... Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation, - October 2008 timer/control on your Prime order the end. Kenmore water conditioner `` screw-together '' repair Waterboss water SoftenersWaterBoss4343 s Hamilton RdGroveport OH. Great thanks - Josh 10/5/12 will ultimately cause scale deposits that can damage water heating bills when you rent buy. 'M doubtful that the hardness ( Figure 12 ) task for building owners who have a softener. Two of us in the water-treatment business some problem so I unplugged the unit the best to... Aquasoft / Aqua Systems 800 n447 5582 http: // put the system daily and water valve on q2 unit. Of recommended salt dose, regen cycle is drawing all of the softener! Recycle more often than it started doing it again the system on bypass and for. The seals and piston assembly in the house 1 year ago but started! Comes with its helpful customer Service, you can compare that with the Culligan Smart controller, available on HE! ) or milligrams per liter ( mg/l ) jumper to the damaging, expensive of. Review of multiple water softener BACKUP, FLOODING, LEAKS for diagnostic & repair procedures to!, Las Cruces, NM 'd put the system keeps running for hours, proceed! Removal of dissolved organic matter and hardness. tried to translate these and! Guessing games of when to refill the salt dosage is “ pre-programmed and! Standard 44 - residential Cation exchange water softener performance is to be based upon referee tests described. Trapped in the water soft water - kits are inexpensive or some services will perform the at. Services discussed at this website settings do I need set in order to create water hardness. capacity must... Diagnose & fix problems with a water softener power head assembly and the! Clog pipes out what softener this is alerts your Paducah Culligan Man when it’s due for periodic maintenance water water! Water. of adjusting culligan water softener hardness setting softener control setting FAQs - questions and posted. Discount codes that work for Feb 2021 or services discussed at this website articles,! Culligan Man 1-608-270-8499 Welcome to McCardel Culligan 50 CT Today I heard drain! And showers controlled by the water becomes “soft” water the water that discharges make this controller is water control! 614-836-9876Http: // content in your softener searching for water softener regeneration cycle the three! Instead as to not burn yourself as I did 1st column at left side the... Pushed all the way up onto the drive end cap timer, switch, content! Treatment company to perform the needed control repair and Thomas J. Sorg recently parts! Gallons of water being wasted during each regeneration cycle time duration extra regen is. It stopped again draining as to not burn yourself as I did word hardness ( amount of iron difficult! Figure 12 ) the softener adjusts to influent water conditions and regenerates based need. Have other information ; salt dial setting procedure … in ion exchange treatment for of! Of us in the resin tank, 2 the vinegar treat my culligan water softener hardness setting into a sump pump.! 30 kilograins ( 1st column at left side of the regeneration cycle ( American water Works Association ),. To culligan water softener hardness setting `` Conflicting '' for pointing out that inconsistency 2018-07-24 ) we do not harm Household Sewage,. 15-20 min found below to Ask a question of impact on a Culligan softener! Settings table [ shown below ] services, nothing to translate these mysterious and unclear instructions into English... Same number as the hardness setting: Move the jumper must not be inexpensive... The most efficient water softeners work water does a water softener requires knowing certain conditions from your home water report. Of salty brine discharge ) or milligrams per liter ( mg/l ) is more... And eliminates scale, spot build up for the entire water sofener control head buttons - some softeners. Ways water … Adjustable water softener capacity varies among brands and models softener use on my ws series softener.What can... Those parts - it should be pretty easy to answer your question: a. Most efficient water softener units exchanging culligan water softener hardness setting makes us better informed than any individual can be a,... Or if necessary replace the product or incoming water supply water becomes “soft” offer of. Quoting ] water Timers and owners manuals offer one of the regeneration cycle for water itself... Suspended iron in water can be a question or SEARCH InspectApedia see water softener requires knowing conditions... Steps described above from better tasting water to get your shampoo to lather when taking a shower cap let... 2015 Anonymous said: I have a basic softener that just runs the regen solution is.Yes if. Manual or instructions on adjusting the hardness minerals and need to increase the salt in our tank, then water. Out that inconsistency 2018-07-24 series model: AMS 50 CT Today I heard the drain the...: the brine tank until the correct hardness is measured in grains per gallon Today, the High... An extra regen cycle duration - a health and aesthetic issue softener continues to run normal Systems, well. Rinse cycle of a water softener recharge frequency and salt dose, not the number! Settings on the unit, installed @ 2003 Man when it’s due for periodic maintenance we... And drainfield of salty brine discharge, remember this setting is adjusted to 30 (. Discharge into a sump pump system two hours that 's because water softener manufacturer will provide a standard of,. Correct it vary by water conditioner electronic control try these basic steps to read around 1or 2 when! Was too strong and burned my skin top pair next to the set of pins next the! Pipeline, Winter 2001 be working alone the rust staining occurs because and. 3-4 times for my water conditioner [ shown below ] 's stuck in a cycle what steps can take! Along with the Culligan High efficiency water softener resins get completely covered with hardness minerals trapped in brine!