Being a relatively recent figure, there is no a precise definition of the skills required to become a chief digital officer. When searching for a chief digital officer, Berray says, organizations are looking for digital experience but also for collaborative leaders. Gone are the days of being responsible for introducing basic digital capabilities and perhaps piloting a handful of initiatives. }, Reporting to the Chief Operating Officer – Direct Operations, this key role is accountable for general management of the Digital Channel & Products Division. CDOs must push their companies and fellow executives to maintain extreme awareness of what is current and what’s on the horizon, missing a single key product or trend could sink even the biggest company. He draws a distinction between systems-focused and commercially centred CIOs, and only the latter will survive. autoWidth:false, Min 5-7 years’ experience in a similar role designing and launching digital platforms. At the top end of the range, a CDO can earn $500,000 or more. A great CDO should be a former technology outsider, someone who knows where technology innovation is best served and how to tell that story. autoplayTimeout: 4000, Being influential allows companies to gain momentum with their digital transformation and this is one of the greatest gifts a CDO can bestow. The focus here is on driving traffic, conversion and revenue. As of June 2018, reports an average salary of $175,000 and a median salary of $227,500 for Chief Digital Officers. Skill #2: InnovationAs mentioned, many CDOs are from PR, Marketing or Communications backgrounds. At the time, the role was concentrated mainly within consumer-oriented organizations wishing to improve the digital customer experie… A recent report by Deloitte Digital titled, “The Rise of the Chief Digital Officer”, stated that by 2020, the CDO role will cease to exist. That being said, it can be a little difficult to speak about what unites CDOs specifically as their roles vary from industry to industry: the big data strategy in banking is wildly different from the big data strategy in publishing. Read also: Adobe CIO: Cross-functional collaboration requires embracing failure and loss of control. ] -webkit-transition: all 0.3s linear; By straddling technology and business, CDOs will have both the vantage point and the executive power to drive digital innovation. }, 62 open jobs for Chief digital officer. We can talk about what skills CDOs do need to succeed in this transitional role, what skills do CDOs need to thrive in the next decade of digital transformation. CDOs must positively influence other executives, the board of directors, staff, vendors, the competition, industry leaders and more. Sometimes, it is the CIO or CTO that will lead the journey. opacity: 1; }); /* TOP Right*/ The transformation implies changes, often quite important, and this requires the ability to direct the people who must carry them out. background: #ffffff; What’s the difference, then, between a Chief Digital Officer (CDO) and the more familiar role of Chief Information Officer (CIO)? It is not a position for the is a position for forward looking, well-rounded, strategic thinkers ready to change how the world works. Alex von Schirmeister, chief digital, technology and innovation officer at retail specialist RS Components, says this focus on delivery will fundamentally change the skills set of future CIOs. CDOs must have a strong sense of the zeitgeist in order to see potential and push towards it. And the position’s name says it all. }, width: 27px; Success depends upon having a strong knowledge of what’s out there, what’s on the way, and the market trends governing both. Future technological innovation will bring big opportunities and success will come to … But leaders who focus solely on digital evangelism without running a digital business are only telling part of a story. To be successful, the chief digital officer must know “how to fit into the organization, how to change the organization and how to get that organization to come along on a difficult journey,” he says. Experience in successfully architecting, managing, implementing, and supporting ERP, CRM implementations. In 2012, Gartner predicted that the chief digital officer (CDO) would be the most exciting executive role in the decade ahead. Being at the forefront of this revolution means that CDOs must guide, must be pioneering, and must be influential. Skills and Qualifications. 1 INTRODUCTION Digital transformation (DT) becomes an increasingly important issue among companies around the But not all have one. navText:['‹','›'], -moz-transition: all 0.3s linear; The reason behind this is the fluid nature of the digital world, a digital transformation could change the entirety of your business model...obviously a dangerous proposition. Success depends upon having a strong knowledge of what’s out there, what’s on the way, and the market trends governing both.